Resources /Agenda

Week 1

Tuesday: Welcome to Art! Go over class expectations, sketchbook assignments and material list.

Wednesday: Elements and principles of design. The STMA critique process.

Thursday: Begin Sculptural teapot assignment. Start research.

Friday: Research and sketches due Monday.

Week 2

Sept.9-13 Reminder we are in room 2222

Monday: Sketchbook Assignment #1 due.

Monday: Refine ideas for the sculptural teapot. Clay demo and lecture.

Tuesday: Refine ideas. Clay demo. Begin sculptural teapot.

Wednesday – Continue working

Thursday – Workday

Friday – Workday ( Have the body of the teapot completed) Lid demo – All research and sketches due.

Week 3

Sept.16 -20

Monday: Sketchbook #2 due.

Monday – Friday workdays.

Week 4

Home Comming Week

Sept. 23-27

Monday: Sketchbook #3 due. Underglaze sculptural teapot.

Tuesday: Continue to finish under-glazing sculptural teapot.

Wednesday: Finish under-glazing.

Thursday: Complete rubric for the sculptural teapot, critique, and quiz.


Week 5

Sept. 30 – Oct.4

Monday:  Draw along.

Tuesday – Thursday: Skull Drawing assignment (This assignment will need to be completed in their sketchbook)

Friday: Continue the skull drawings. Drawings due on Monday.

Week 6

Oct. 7 -11

Monday: Sketchbook #4 assignment due. Beginning Charcoal.

Working in a Series

Part one: Charcoal Drawing

One: Select an area that you want to draw. It must have a minimum of two different types of bones.Take a photo of your composition.

Step Two: Crop your Image so that it is composed of just your two bones. The crop of the bones needs to fill 80% of the page.

Document your progress at the end of each class.

Step Three: Draw your composition in with gestural line. Get as much detail in as possible. Again Document your drawing.

Step Four: Begin Shading with Charcoal. Get as much detail in as possible. Again Document your drawing.

You will be turning in your images in a google slide document

Week 7

Oct. 14-15

Monday: Sketchbook #5 Last day to work in Charcoal.

Tuesday: Critique on Charcoal Drawings

Wed. – Friday – No School

Week 9

Oct.28 -Nov. 1

Monday: Sketchbook #6 assignment due.

Monday:  – Come up with a list of 15 ideas/concept

  • Select 4 ideas
  • Refine two ideas with drawings that are 4”x 6”


  • Create 2 Composition sketches-  sketches completed for feedback critique.
  •   Revise & Finalize
  • Transfer drawing to linoleum

Wednesday: Demonstration on how to use the linoleum tools, Complete final line drawing for linoleum. Some students may begin carving.

Thursday: Printing Demonstration.

Thursday – Friday: workdays

Videos LInks:  Relief Process, Carving Tips  Starting your final  

Week 10

Nov. 4 – 8Monday: Sketchbook #7 assignment due.

Monday: Last day to print.

Tuesday: Critique




Week 11

Nov. 11 -15

Monday: Sketchbook #8 assignment due. Golden opportunity for sketchbook missing sketchbook assignments.





Week 12



Tuesday: End of the trimester

No sketchbook assignment


Clay Assignment

Color Theory


Duck Stamp 


Contour line