Resources /Agenda

Week 1

March 30 Introduction to the class with distance learning.Course Outline: 

  • Watch the welcome video and google slides of expectations:
  • Upload a photo of all of the art supplies that you have to work with
  • – including the pencil pouch.
  • Assignment upload an image of a drawing of your choice to show me
  • your skills

March 31 Watch Sarah Sze video and answer these questions

  1. Where do you think an artwork begins?
  2. Does knowing how to draw well make you an artist? Why or Why not?
  3. Why and how do objects acquire value for us?
  4. How does Sarah use line?
  5. Do you like Sarah’s art? Explain why or why not?
  6. Do you have to like the art to appreciate it?
  7. April 1: VIDEO: Introduction to the elements and question

April 2: VIDEO: Introduction to the principles and questions

April 3: VIDEO: Introduce the project Art on a Bag project upload an image of your bag – overall assignment – Step one – The Basic Elements – Shape Value Color Edge video Video on Color Theory Basics

Week 2

April  6 – 9Check-in everyday with an inprogress  upload image.

Email if you have questions.

Week 3

Sept.16 -20

Monday: Sketchbook #2 due.

Monday – Friday workdays.

Week 4

Home Comming Week

Sept. 23-27

Monday: Sketchbook #3 due. Underglaze sculptural teapot.

Tuesday: Continue to finish under-glazing sculptural teapot.

Wednesday: Finish under-glazing.

Thursday: Complete rubric for the sculptural teapot, critique, and quiz.


Week 5

Sept. 30 – Oct.4

Monday:  Draw along.

Tuesday – Thursday: Skull Drawing assignment (This assignment will need to be completed in their sketchbook)

Friday: Continue the skull drawings. Drawings due on Monday.

Week 6

Oct. 7 -11

Monday: Sketchbook #4 assignment due. Beginning Charcoal.

Working in a Series

Part one: Charcoal Drawing

One: Select an area that you want to draw. It must have a minimum of two different types of bones.Take a photo of your composition.

Step Two: Crop your Image so that it is composed of just your two bones. The crop of the bones needs to fill 80% of the page.

Document your progress at the end of each class.

Step Three: Draw your composition in with gestural line. Get as much detail in as possible. Again Document your drawing.

Step Four: Begin Shading with Charcoal. Get as much detail in as possible. Again Document your drawing.

You will be turning in your images in a google slide document

Week 7

Oct. 14-15

Monday: Sketchbook #5 Last day to work in Charcoal.

Tuesday: Critique on Charcoal Drawings

Wed. – Friday – No School

Week 9

Oct.28 -Nov. 1

Monday: Sketchbook #6 assignment due.

Monday:  – Come up with a list of 15 ideas/concept

  • Select 4 ideas
  • Refine two ideas with drawings that are 4”x 6”


  • Create 2 Composition sketches-  sketches completed for feedback critique.
  •   Revise & Finalize
  • Transfer drawing to linoleum

Wednesday: Demonstration on how to use the linoleum tools, Complete final line drawing for linoleum. Some students may begin carving.

Thursday: Printing Demonstration.

Thursday – Friday: workdays

Videos LInks:  Relief Process, Carving Tips  Starting your final  

Week 10

Nov. 4 – 8Monday: Sketchbook #7 assignment due.

Monday: Last day to print.

Tuesday: Critique




Week 11

Nov. 11 -15

Monday: Sketchbook #8 assignment due. Golden opportunity for sketchbook missing sketchbook assignments.





Week 12



Tuesday: End of the trimester

No sketchbook assignment


Clay Assignment

Color Theory


Duck Stamp 


Contour line