Students with Solutions

The Studio Art class at STMA High School was selected as one of 4 classrooms in the nation, winning top honors with their entries in the “Students With Solutions” contest through PACER. Harrison Heinks, Ms. Halker’s son, has autism. He created a video to share his describing his outlook and sharing his experience about being a student with autism ( Like many others, Harrison and his family have benefitted from the services that PACER provides. Their family is passionate about spreading the message of kindness, while shining light on PACER. To introduce the “Students With Solutions” contest, the Studio Art class discussed Harrison’s story, in addition to watching the videos linked on the PACER website. As a group, a list of words associated with anti-bullying was created and students were given creative freedom for their designs. This brought up the discussion of originality and how to create art for a purpose. The submissions were displayed in the art pod before mailing them off to PACER, and it was powerful to see the variety of artwork promoting compassion for all. Congratulations on winning the class pizza party and set of classroom headphones!