Photography I

Phone Apps

ProCamera – iPhone app that allows users to control shutter speed and ISO. Many other notable features.
Manual Camera – android app that allows users to control shutter speed and ISO.

Videos on Photoshop

Photoshop: Channel Mixer

Videos on Cameras

Torsten Warmuth – motion / abstract photographer
Richard Avedon – portrait photograher (video Darkness and Light)
Life and works of Gordon Parks – social change
Dorthea Lange


Images of Ojibwe Life
Camera Ojibwe
Library of Congress Photo Library
Bishop Henry Whipple Native American Photography
Bishop Whipple Photography Collection

In-Class Photoshop Tutorials

Panorama Video 1 – Resizing
Panorama Video 2 – Arranging
Panorama Video 3 – Warping
Panorama Video 4 – Masking
Panorama Video 5 – Color and Value Correction
Panorama Video 6 – Cropping, Distortion and Final Adjustments
Light Controls – Aperture
Light Controls – Shutter
Portrait Touch-ups Part I
Portrait Touch-ups Part II
Basic Type Tools -Social Change part 1
Type on a Path + Filters – Social Change part 2
Type Design – Social Change part 3