Drawing III

Week 1 – 2

Distant Learning – Calendar – Drawing III

March 30 – April 3


March 30 Introduction to the class with distance learning.

March 31

Ted Talk Sarah Sze

Where does an artwork begin?

Does knowing how to draw well make you an artist? Why or Why not?

Why and how do objects acquire value for us?

How do we breathe life into inanimate objects of art? 

How does Sarah use line?

Do you like Sarah art? Explain why or why not?

Do you have to like the art to appreciate it?

March 31: 

Introduction to ARTISTS TRADING CARDS (ATC) Check in: Answer the question of How does an artist create original artistic ideas?  How do you develop a “voice” in drawing?

Start project.

April 1: Check-in: Upload image of in-progress of ATC

April 2: Check-in: Upload image of in-progress of ATC

April 3: Check-in: Upload image of in-progress of ATC 

Week 2  (April 6-9)

Monday – Wednesday: work and upload images.

Thursday: Attendance question. Upload the final images. Rubric and Critique

Week 3 -4 

Week 3 (April 13 -17)

Monday: Google meet up – Critique

Tuesday: Sketchbook due –  changed

Wednesday: Intro to running on Empty

Thursday: Google meet up

Friday: In-progress image

Week 5-6

 Personal Voice

Week 7-8


Week 9-10

 Research Project


 Graffiti Project

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