Weekly Agenda

Drawing and Painting I

Week 1

March 30 Introduction to the class with distance learning.

Course Outline: 

  • Watch the welcome video and google slides of expectations:
  • Upload a photo of all of the art supplies that you have to work with
  • including the pencil pouch.
  • Assignment upload an image of a drawing of your choice to show me
  • your skills

March 31 Watch Sarah Sze video and answer these questions

  1. Where do you think an artwork begins?
  2. Does knowing how to draw well make you an artist? Why or Why not?
  3. Why and how do objects acquire value for us?
  4. How does Sarah use line?
  5. Do you like Sarah’s art? Explain why or why not?
  6. Do you have to like the art to appreciate it?
  7. April 1: VIDEO: Introduction to the elements and question


April 2: VIDEO: Introduction to the principles and questions 


April 3: VIDEO: Introduce the project Art on a Bag project upload an image of your bag

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PjRRfkvXhk – overall assignment

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGkichHQ31A – Step one

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfAZt3O0sLYThe Basic Elements – Shape Value Color Edge video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1CK9bE3H_s Video on Color Theory Basics

Week 2

April  6 – 9

Check-in everyday with an inprogress  upload image. Email if you have questions

Week 3

April 13 – 17

April 13: Critique / Rubric of Art on a Bag project (upload Image).

Check-in: Sketchbook Assignment Due: Illustrate your favorite song or poem. You may use any medium.

April 14: How to critique a work of art and have students critique their bag.

April 15: Value – how to use drawing pencils and shading shapes 

April 16: Value – how to shade shapes

April 17: introduction to still life  – work on a LINE Drawing of your still life – UPload image that you are using for your still life. Have to have fabric and 5 objects.

LInks of how to drawing fabric. drawing rope more Rope and shading a skull.

Week 4

April 20 – April 24
April 20: Check-in: Sketchbook Assignment due: Pick one: Draw your favorite snack food or Draw an object melting.

Line Drawing Due of still life.

April 21 – 24: Start to add value upload in progress image.Check-in everyday with an inprogress  upload image. Email if you have questions.

Week 5

April 27 – May 1

April 27: Check-in: Sketchbook Assignment Due

Sketchbook assignment due (Assignment Three) What would you see through a key hole? No EYEBALLS or OUTTER SPACE.

April 28: Final still life due with critique sheet

April 29: Watercolor techniques – upload in progress image

April 30: Watercolor techniques – upload in progress image

May 1: Introduction to the landscape – turn in image that you are going to select.

Week 6

May 4 – May 7
May 4: Check in: Sketchbook assignment Due

Sketchbook assignment due (Assignment Four – Pick one: * Draw a grouping of leaves * Draw something you might find in a department store display * Draw a large jar and fill it up with something (candy, toys, rock, etc.) * Draw a mechanical object.)

May 5: How to approach painting a landscape – Demo Q: have you every work with watercolor before?

May 6: Upload progress.

May 7: Upload progress.

May 8: Upload progress.

(Video Link to samples and videos)

Week 7

May 11 – May 15

May 11: Sketchbook assignment due

Sketchbook assignment due. (Assignment Five – Study of your feet. Draw them in 4 different positions and from different angles and views.)

May 12: Upload Final watercolor and critique sheet

May 13: Harlem Renaissance 

May 14: Harlem Renaissance

May 15: Harlem Renaissance

Week 8

May 18 – May 22

May 18: Sketchbook assignment due Introduction to portrait drawing upload image of yourself

The sketchbook assignment is due. (Assignment Six- Pick one: * Drawing of a house plant (real or artificial) * Draw an object with a surface texture. * Draw tools used in certain professions. * Draw the contents of a trash can)

May 19: Videos on how to draw an eye, nose, mouth, and hair

May 20: Videos on how to draw an eye, nose, mouth, and hair

May 21: Videos on how to draw an eye, nose, mouth, and hair

May 22: How to grid your paper and yourself – Upload grid

Videos- Head, structures, eyes, and more nose and the structure of the nose. lips/ mouth HairTime lapse portrait

Week 9

May 26 – 29
May 26: Sketchbook assignment due

Sketchbook assignment due. (Assignment Seven – Pick one: *Draw drapery and pattern: a shirt over a chair, a sheet around a banister, etc. *Draw in imaginary place- remember to show rich details)

May 27: Upload the outline of your face – upload

May 28 Upload in progress imageAsk for feedback if needed and work on the Final

May 29: Upload in progress image.Ask for feedback if needed and work on the Final

Week 10

June 1: Sketchbook assignment due : Choice

June 2: Ask for feedback if needed and work on the Final. Check-in: Show in progress image

June 3: Ask for feedback if needed and work on  Final. Check in: Show inprogress image

June 4: Final Image is due to upload and fill out Rubric

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

Abstraction power

Harlem Renaissance



George Morrison

Harlem Renaissance Resources below



Meta Warrick Fuller 1877-1968 African-American Sculptor
James Van Der Zee 1886-1983 African-American Photographer
Sargent Claude Johnson 1887-1967 African-American Sculptor
Palmer Hayden 1890-1973 African-American Painter
Archibald Motley 1891-1981 African-American Painter
Augusta Savage 1892-1962 African-American Sculptor
Dox Thrash 1892-1965 African-American Printmaker
Aaron Douglas 1899-1979 African-American Painter
Richmond Barthe 1901-1989 African-American Sculptor
William H. Johnson 1901-1970 African-American Painter
Lois Mailou Jones 1905-1998 African-American Painter
Charles Alston 1907-1977 African-American Painter/Sculptor
Allan Rohan Crite 1910-2007 African-American Painter
Romare Bearden 1911-1988 African-American Painter
Jacob Lawrence 1917-2000 African-American Painter

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