Weekly Agenda

Drawing and Painting I

Week 1

Tuesday: Welcome to Art! Go over class expectations and material list.

Wednesday: Elements and principles of design. The STMA critique process.

Thursday: Draw along (Line, Shape, value)

Friday: Finish draw along

Week 2

Sept.9-13 (The room will be rearranged – New seating chart)

Monday: Sketchbook assignment due (Assignment one – Illustrate your favorite poem or song). Intro to still life (space and line) Stool drawing.

Tuesday: Viewfinder – Finish stool drawing

Wednesday – Friday: Still life drawing. Line only

Week 3

Sept.16 -20

Monday: Sketchbook assignment due. (Assignment two – Pick one: * Draw popcorn or Draw your favorite snack food * Draw an object melting or Draw a bowl of fruit, shade it)

Monday – Gallery walk of line drawing. Demonstration of drawing fabric.


Tuesday – Work on still life drawing.

Wednesday – Demonstration on drawing rope. More Rope and shading a skull.


Thursday – Friday: workdays

Week 4

Sept. 23-27

Monday: Sketchbook assignment due (Assignment Three – Keyhole: what would you see through a keyhole? No eyeballs or space scenes.

Monday – Friday: workdays on still life drawing.

Week 5

Sept. 30 – Oct.4

Monday: Sketchbook assignment due (Assignment Four – Pick one: * Draw a grouping of leaves * Draw something you might find in a department store display * Draw a large jar and fill it up with something (candy, toys, rock, etc.) * Draw a mechanical object.)

Monday – Critique of Still Life.

Tuesday – Intro to Landscape and watercolor techniques.

Wednesday – Friday Paint along.

Week 6

Oct. 7 -11

Monday: Sketchbook assignment due. (Assignment Five – Study of your feet. Draw them in 4 different positions and from different angles and views.)

Monday – Last day of paint along.

Tuesday – Friday: Work on final landscape painting. (Video Link to samples and videos)

Week 7

Oct. 14-15

Monday: The sketchbook assignment is due. (Assignment Six- Pick one: * Drawing of a house plant (real or artificial) * Draw an object with a surface texture. * Draw tools used in certain professions. * Draw the contents of a trash can)

Monday-Tuesday: Work on landscape

Week 8

Oct. 21-25.

Monday: No sketchbook assignment. Critique of Landscape.

Tuesday: Harlem Renaissance Reading and questions.

Wednesday: Gesture drawings with musical instruments

Thursday: Refine one of your gesture drawings

Friday: Final Drawing due.

Week 9

Oct.28 -Nov. 1

Monday: Sketchbook assignment due. (Assignment Seven – Pick one: *Draw drapery and pattern: a shirt over a chair, a sheet around a banister, etc. *Draw in imaginary place- remember to show rich details)

Monday: Color theory and Paint along.

Tuesday: Finish paint along.

Wednesday: Start Final Painting

Thursday – Friday: Workdays.

Week 10

Nov. 4 – 8

Monday: Sketchbook assignment due (Assignment Eight – Draw a portrait using light and shadow- place the light from different angles than “normal” -under the chin, behind the head, in front of the face.)

Monday – Thursday: Painting days.

Friday – Critique


Week 11

Nov. 11 -15

Monday: Golden opportunity for sketchbook missing sketchbook assignments.

Monday: Draw along – Head, structures, eyes, and more

Tuesday: Draw along – nose and the structure of the nose.

Wednesday: Draw along – lips/ mouth

Thursday: Draw along – HairTime lapse portrait

Friday: Start final portrait


Week 12



Week 13



Monday – Friday: Work on the final portrait



Nov. 25-26

A final critique of portrait and final assessment.


Abstraction power

Harlem Renaissance



George Morrison


Harlem Renaissance Resources below




Meta Warrick Fuller 1877-1968 African-American Sculptor
James Van Der Zee 1886-1983 African-American Photographer
Sargent Claude Johnson 1887-1967 African-American Sculptor
Palmer Hayden 1890-1973 African-American Painter
Archibald Motley 1891-1981 African-American Painter
Augusta Savage 1892-1962 African-American Sculptor
Dox Thrash 1892-1965 African-American Printmaker
Aaron Douglas 1899-1979 African-American Painter
Richmond Barthe 1901-1989 African-American Sculptor
William H. Johnson 1901-1970 African-American Painter
Lois Mailou Jones 1905-1998 African-American Painter
Charles Alston 1907-1977 African-American Painter/Sculptor
Allan Rohan Crite 1910-2007 African-American Painter
Romare Bearden 1911-1988 African-American Painter
Jacob Lawrence 1917-2000 African-American Painter


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