STMA Visual Arts Department Learning Targets
  • Create artwork that expresses an idea and demonstrates learning
  • Create a collection of artwork
  • Read, reflect, revise, and analyze artwork based on feedback
  • Find and generate original artistic ideas
  • Understand and appreciate art and art history
STMA Visual Arts Department Welcome Letter

Welcome to Art at St. Michael-Albertville High School.  The STMA Art Department curriculum follows the National Core Art Standards which aligns with the state of Minnesota. Visual Art classes, with the exception of Studio Art, are subject to a $15.00 fee to cover the cost of materials.

All artwork must be original. Plagiarism and copyright rules apply. All subject matter in any work created using STMA materials must follow appropriate content guidelines. Be creative: No Hearts, Stars, Peace Signs, Mushrooms, Sports & Advertising Logos, Published Cartoons, etc. Do not make anything that relates to or resembles, in any way, smoking, alcohol, sex, drugs, etc.

Late sketchbook assignments and photo-checks will not be accepted. Sketchbooks and photo-checks are homework and are expected to be turned in on time as designated by your instructor. Students who do not turn in their sketchbook or photo-check at the time of collection will be given a zero for that assignment.

Missing projects cannot be turned in for late credit after mid-tri. All projects assigned after mid-tri that are turned in late will be given partial credit and must be turned in a week before the end of the trimester. All missing projects will be given a zero.

For further art enrichment, all students can submit original artwork to the Minnesota Scholastic Art and Writing competition, the Federal Jr. Duck Stamp competition, as well as joining Art Club during all three trimesters.