Week 1

Research artists, sketch and present findings.Materials Fee DUE!

Week 2

Continuous curve bowls and trimming

Week 3

Continue working on two bowlsDescribe, Analyze, Interpret, Evaluate CritiqueDemonstrate Cups (Facet, Lobed, Push, Dart, Edges, Carved, Attached Foot)

Week 4

Creating 4 contrasting cups, two handles, three techniques

Week 5

Continue cupsDescribe, Analyze, Interpret, Evaluate Critique

Week 6

 Demonstrate Bottleneck (two part separate, two part, one part)

Week 7

 Continue bottleneckDescribe, Analyze, Interpret, Evaluate Critique

Week 8

Demonstrate Jar, Pitcher, Teapot (types of lids, spouts and knobs)

Week 9

Continue projectDescribe, Analyze, Interpret, Evaluate Critique

Week 10

Glazing Demonstration (dip, brush, spray, resist)Glazing

Week 11

Final CleaningFinal Critique

Week 12

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